Simplust CMS by Markhorist

Simplust CMS by Markhorist 2017-06-28T11:31:33+00:00

What exactly is Simplust CMS?

Folks as you know, there are many CMS (Content Management Systems) out there. They are great, we (the folks at Markhorist know) but they always don’t fit the users’ need. Sometimes you want a very simple, handy and fast CMS platform for your content. Which is why Markhorist has built this great platform called, Simplust CMS (that’s cheeky we know!). The demo page you will follow¬†on is a very demo of simplust CMS. You can create different sections. You can update everything that you see on the demo¬†page. When would this come handy? you’re smart enough but an example would be, a simple one page website for a product, like a mobile application? or your next big IoT invention. We got ya!


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Version 1.1